We work with various suppliers to be able to provide a wide range of block and stone, soil mulch and rock products.

Whether you just want to give your property a facelift in order to create some curb-appeal, or you want to do a full overhaul or new landscape installation, we offer various options and products to suit your budget. Retaining walls, decks and patios, decorative stonework, sodding, drainage, driveways, walkways, and outdoors lighting are just some of the options you can choose.


Lawn Mowing

We use commercial grade John Deere equipment and we have the experience to take on any size lawn and any complexity.

lawn care

The Green Team originally started out just mowing lawns, so we know a thing or to about what it takes to make a lawn look great. We pride ourselves in making your lawn look its best. Steep hills and tight spaces are no problem for us to handle. We can schedule weekly or bi-weekly visits on pre-determined days so that you can have the piece of mind knowing that you can relax and count on us to keep your lawn looking great.

Lawn Care

We offer various fertilizing and liming options, as well as aerating, dethatching, topdressing and over seeding.

Nova Scotia's winter season is tough on grass. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice have the potential to cause significant stress and injury to lawns. The result? Dead patches and areas that fail to green up in the spring. We can hand-dig broad-leafed weeds in your high-profile areas. We can spray for grub infestations using a natural product we work with, but unfortunately, we do not offer chemical spraying for weeds or other insects.


Tree Services

Our tree services include cutting, felling, trimming, topping, pruning, stump grinding, chipping and removal.

tree cutter

We can completely clear your lot or selectively cut and thin out your section of forest in order to enhance the health and appearance. Trees are an investment. Not just a sentimental investment, but also one requiring diligent work to maintain many years of health and beauty. Green Team Contracting can provide helpful advice and services to help keep your trees healthy and happy.

Hedge Trimming

There is just something about the look at a freshly trimmed hedge that really appeals to the eye and enhances the look of a property.

Hedge trimming is hard work, but it is well worth the effort. Let us take care of the backbreaking labor and hours that can be involved in trimming a hedge. We have the proper tools and extension saws to be able to take on the biggest hedges around. Hedges that are well cared for add value to your property through their natural beauty and shade.

hedge trimmer

Property Clean-Ups

A cost effective way to really enhance the curb appeal of your property can be as easy as a simple yard clean up and garden makeover.


We can clean the leafs, debris and garbage from your yard, edge your gardens, walkways and driveway, weed the gardens and add fresh bark mulch. An average sized property can usually get this done for under $1000. It is well worth the investment and it is amazing how much this simple service can enhance the look of your property.


Well how about having your own affordable personal gardener? It is not as expensive as you might think.

We understand the importance of keeping a garden well maintained and how only a few short weeks of neglect can create a mess of weeds that is beyond what you want to clean up. Our gardening crew can offer a one-time clean up, weeding, pruning and mulching of your gardens and we can also offer regularly scheduled visits to keep your gardens and shrubs looking fresh, weed free and hassle free.


House Cleaning

We are now able to provide high-quality service and source the natural and toxin-free products that fit with our “Green” mission, and we have decided to offer this service to all of our clients.


After many years of our customers asking where they could find a high quality, reliable and trust worthy house cleaner, we decided to take on a few customers in a test project in 2017. We now offer house cleaning services that can be set up as regularly scheduled visits, on call service, move out/move in cleaning for rentals, vacation rental property cleaning between guests and post-construction clean up for renovations or contractors.

We also provide Pressure Washing – We use a high-powered pressure washer and toxin-free cleaning products to clean your house, deck, walkways or driveway.

Snow Removal

We offer snow removal services using snow blowers and tractor-mounted snow blowers. We do not use plows!

We have found that plows often do a lot of damage to driveways, walkways and lawn and garden areas close to the plowed areas. Snow blowers do a much neater job, with less damage and don’t leave high banks of snow that plow trucks leave. Our tractor-mounted snow blowers can handle the biggest snowfalls that winter can throw at us, while some of “the other guys” may be left struggling to figure out where to put all of that snow.